5 Methods For Dating With Chronic Illness

5 Methods For Dating With Chronic Illness

Today we now have a guest post from courageous wellness activist, Kirsten Schultz.

I’ve been sick the majority of my life, whether that’s from my Post-Traumatic Stress condition or my Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA). I’ve added an array of diseases in my own almost thirty years with this planet.

As you might imagine, being a lady growing up in an abusive home currently brought with it a variety of self-esteem problems. Incorporating on my SJIA has compounded the problem. I was raised convinced that i’dn’t live for enough time up to now or get hitched. Also if used to do, I happened to be incredibly damaged – mentally and physically – so there’s no chance anybody would wish me personally. I’d absolutely nothing to provide.


My very first boyfriend that is real very nearly my final. In senior school, I dated somebody whoever household had been very nearly because bad as mine. He’d some psychological health problems, but we assisted each other well… Instead, we assisted him a great deal. He did absolutely nothing actually in my situation.

We remained because I thought that he was the only one who would want me with him for three years. […]