How to Date an Addict in Recovery

How to Date an Addict in Recovery

Imagine the huge surprise and the boulder of uncertainties that you would feel if your new-found love reveals that he or she had meddled in substance abuse, so much so that they developed a dependency that they are currently recovering from. The stereotypical impression of addiction to drugs or alcohol would certainly present them as careless, and irresponsible with thoughts that they may still possess a transient vulnerability to drugs.

The first thing you should do in situations like this is to educate yourself on what exactly it means to be addicted to drugs or any other substance. The next thing is to get adequate information about the person’s addiction journey and the present condition of health. It is quite perplexing to make a decision while in this situation, however, there are pieces of information that may just help you make the best decision on dating an addict in recovery.

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What You Should Know About Addiction Recovery

A person who is on addiction recovery may either be an inpatient, an outpatient, or has gone through all the stages of rehabilitation and simply following up on aftercare programs such as Alcohol Anonymous (AA) and the likes. […]